Personalisation and Marketing Techniques

Personalisation and Marketing Techniques

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At Net Development we are always striving to improve our online marketing techniques.

Like most people we use social media and like most people we are bombarded with offers and adverts. We watch the banner adverts following us round the internet and appreciate that we are being constantly targeted based on our browsing history and demographical data.

Or are we?

This article questions the so called 'personalised' digital marketing campaign. Interestingly this article points out that;

"What we're seeing today is the emergence of a tiered system of personalisation..."
The bottom tier is more likely what we have all generally experienced, i.e; the "data-driven, automated grouping of consumers, broad-brush and relied on by many".

As we all appreciate - this is the rather lazy and most obvious marketing ploy. As the writer of this article points out;

"Today's marketers have started to realise that the consumer defines their own identity and that people are just too complex to be separated into groups."

So what should we expect from marketers in 2016? It's probably something you've come to see in your social media streams more and more over the last year. Video. We all love a good video. Whether they are funny, sad, personal – they are easy to view (sound or no sound). Easy to share and fun to make.

It's no wonder big brands will spend big chunks of their marketing budget on digital video content. Even better if they can deliver it right into social media user accounts. Users will essentially be able to do their leg work for them - viral shares, likes and posts will start to mean more to the big brands than fancy adverts and pointless celebrity endorsements.

Now - where's that video camera?

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