When packaging and product placement is essential to your brand

When packaging and product placement is essential to your brand

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We've been working on a few nice design jobs lately that have warranted a poke about some lovely little print techniques. Letterpress / spot UV / gloss & matt lamination / foiling / embossing – there are loads of amazing things you can do to make a business card or document holder look awesome.

 What occurred to me throughout my research was just how important it still is for that unique touch to everything physical that comes out of your business. Despite being in a massively digital driven world we will all still hand out a business card, send our product out to customers, package an item (if you sell online), leave presentation materials at the important business meeting or pitch and let's be honest – we all like to take home a freebie pen if it's on offer.

Question is – does whatever it is leave a lasting impression about where it came from, who's business it is and what you can expect from their level of service?

Here are some recent 'products' and thoughts I have taken away from this research

This was a free sample pack from printed.com;

printed env1printed env2

printed folder1

 printed folder2

I'm that impressed with this informative, practical and well executed piece of marketing that it will stay on my desk, it will be consulted and I'll probably even order something from them in the future. I bet their design and marketing team are going nuts now.

This was a business card I picked up from a local business I met at a networking event;

bough to beauty


I love that they have used their product in their marketing materials and this will also stay on my desk (and I promise to try and not use it as a coaster). In any eventuality I am going to remember them and will find a way to use their services. Check out their Instagram here;

And finally, here's a big name who should have a bigger budget than to send this pathetic attempt at packaging their product;


Really? It looks cheap, feels cheap and I can't be bothered to make the effort to learn how to use it. Was that based purely on the packaging? No of course not – after all the phone is rubbish – but if I'm honest, it didn't blow me away and it's a perfect example of not looking after your brand in the big wide world.

If you want help redesigning and rethinking your marketing materials – I've got loads of samples to show you and we can make your brand stand out and look amazing. Someone should get on the phone to Microsoft..

And finally – here are some ace examples of some great packaging ideas that really are a cut above the rest http://digitalsynopsis.com/inspiration/35-creative-product-package-designs/

Check out our design portfolio items here


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