Your online identity

Your online identity

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Your new website is live! Phew. The hard work is over? That IS my online identity. Right?


How are you going to continue improving your site and making sure you maintain those standards those clever designers and copy writers implemented for you? How are you going make sure every newsletter and blog or news article continues to represent your brand and identity? How do you stay at the cutting edge of technological change and development? Where can you promote your site online and how can you make it reflect the quality of your own site? Daunting huh?

Don't panic, we can offer many ways in which to help you shape and promote your own online identity so you can be sure that all the time and effort that went into your site is well spent. Some of these mysterious ways are;


Using a reliable Content Managed Site


Our CMS sites ensure that your online identity retains the same fresh look and functionality the day it left the showroom. As your business grows you can add new pages, menus, galleries and continue to shape your online presence as it grows with you.

There are many CMS platforms out there that suit many different needs – at Net* Development we don't believe in using the same system for every project, or bamboozling you with the science behind each one of them – we listen to what you want, what you need and choose a platform we know we can tailor make to suit you specific set of requirements.

We'll tell you what the benefits are and what disadvantages there may be so don't be bullied into using something you don't understand or appreciate for its service to your company.


Committing to The Voice


Other than staying in on a Saturday night to watch WillIAm strut his stuff we recommend that you work on creating a voice and a tone for your all your online communications – whether you send a newsletter or write a blog article, news piece or advertorial there should be a standard and a tone that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Now you're asking yourself – how do we keep the momentum going, who gets the short straw for writing the next news or blog article; what do we have to fill the next newsletter and how do we measure the success of our outreach and return on investment?

We can help you shape that message and provide copywriting support, html newsletter design and sending service with a full reporting suite (who opened what and who clicked where, who needs chasing up and who is a potential new lead) and advise on building a structured content calendar to ensure there are enough ideas to generate articles over a scheduled and strategic portion of time.


Choosing your online arsenal carefully


It's too easy to open a social media account for everything that's out there but half of it won't be beneficial to you and your particular objectives – rather than being outfaced by the opportunity let us advise what you should be doing, help you set it up and show you how you can manage it. We also think it's a good idea to draw up a practical list of online advertising opportunities – either through your social media accounts or with other directory listing sites relevant to your industry and create an attractive suite of online adverts that present a clear message with strong calls to action.


Embracing Change


You take the car out of the showroom and you maintain it well but over time you need to service, repair and replace parts to make sure it still continues to perform well, keep you going and look continue looking good.

It's the same with your website and online identity - you will still want to ensure that you are up to date with emerging technologies and it helps to have a super savvy marketing agency like us to point these out to you and advise on the best way to implement them with your current technology. However, over time your website will need updating to the latest security release and new components will need to be added to facilitate the latest in new technologies.


At Net* we offer sensible ongoing support contracts to make this process as painless as possible and we don't leave a horrible mess behind us that makes it impossible for future upgrades.

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