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There is no doubt that now is the age of the mobile and it doesn’t take a genius to realise that more often than not people will view a website on their mobile device and expect an app version if your business services warrants it. There’s the key – if your service warrants it. Whilst many of us think we want an app the reality is that there are many creative ways in which we can design a web service to suit the mobile environment.

At Net* Development we will listen to why you want an app and talk you through the best options available to your needs and budgets. Lets not beat about the bush – building apps can be expensive. This is simply because iPhone iOS and Android / smartphone platforms are very different environments and each platform has their own set of criteria and limitations that must be considered and accounted for when planning the development of an app that is targeting both platforms (which you probably want to do if you’re savvy enough to be thinking about an app).

When we approach iOS and Android versions of an app we need to treat them both as separate projects the two platforms employ different programming languages – objective-C on iOS and Java on Android.

Furthermore Android presents some unique challenges due to the extensive and diverse range of devices from multiple manufactures with varying screen sizes and densities meaning that the reuse of iOS graphic assets is rarely possible.

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