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There’s a lot of advice and chatter published on and off line about how as a society we are becoming increasingly dependent upon online interaction through social media and that in actual fact we are turning into a lonely bunch of characters limited by our own extended ‘friend’ list or ‘followers’.

It’s easy to sit in an empty room build up that perfect looking profile and surround yourself with online interactions – a little message here, a tagged photo there or an off the cuff comment here - it makes you feel popular and included, sometimes you can spend hours of pushing on to other little snippets of social activity, finding out new things and tweaking your profile so you appear to be having the most fun and have the best connections.

However, the laptop shuts down and you’re still sat in an empty room, your online experience quickly forgotten and rarely remembered in the real light of day.

Similarly, once your new site is launched it would be easy to sit back on your laurels and just expect it to work with a little tweaking here and there – after all, you spent all that money and time investing in it and making it look great.

However, just like a real friendship can’t be fully nurtured through online interaction your business shouldn’t rely solely on the powers of online marketing for developing and procuring new customers and new opportunities.

Take time to promote your website and your business offline through channels such as; 

  • networking events
  • exhibitions
  • trade shows
  • local media (press, tv and radio)
  • advertising
  • direct mail
  • telesales

We will help you target the most effective positioning for you and your brand and advise on the appropriate channels to use whilst helping you in the preparation of supporting materials such as press releases, adverts, networking objectives,

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