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We want to provide you with a website that will be a really useful tool to support your continuing online marketing activity. We can help you to develop a marketing strategy with associated activities which can be measured for their effectiveness.

We can help you to make the most of a marketing budget using a range of creative and imaginative resources!

For example;

  • Social Media and Social Presence; targeted campaigns (more specifically suited to potential candidates). The plan will initially develop the social presence for the website, building momentum and structure for key personnel when they join the firm.

  • Company news / blog – regular posting of important news / success stories whilst providing a platform to publish important news according to a Content Calendar (we can work this out with you), or issue a response to breaking industry news.

  • Building company spokespeople - Key company spokespeople will be identified within the firm and we will develop their social profiles, with particular emphasis on Google+. Google Authorship is growing in importance and having greater impact on search results, therefore it must be utilised correctly within the marketing strategy. By doing this, spokespeople profiles will appear in the Google Search Engine Results Page.

  • Research shows that search results featuring a Google Authorship image have a higher Click-Through-Rate. The social media profiles for key individuals will provide a useful tool to engage with key industry influencers and these relationships will be instrumental in the distribution of company news.

  • Advertorials - Developing relationships, via social profiles, with industry influencers will help build a network of journalists and bloggers from whom we will commission articles, focusing on our search terms. These may include links to our websites, or to simply increase public awareness. By targeting genuine influencers, the articles will be shared throughout the legal services industry. Having a follow up response in place on our site will further build our authority and reputation

  • We can set up a comprehensive Google Adwords campaign for you to generate useful high quality traffic which will convert to sales. With site traffic, it is quality of lead that is important rather than quantity, especially if you are paying per lead! When setting up an Adwords account, we create a number of tailored ads which are set to attract a tailored audience so that you are going to attract people who are genuinely going to be interested in your product rather than volumes of disinterested visitors who leave your site as soon as they land on it. We would discuss your budget with you and set an appropriately priced campaign up for you and would adjust the campaigns monthly to ensure that they are optimised “on the job” to make the most of your budget.

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